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Tarot Topic: Love.

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No topic is off limits when asking about love, romance, and relationships regardless of what stage of love you are in. You can ask about a love interest or secret crush, how to meet a potential partner, dating, finding a soul mate, starting a romantic relationship,  maintaining ongoing romances, adultery, breakups, mending broken relationships, stay or leave, and everything in between.

About My Soul Mate

Interested in someone?

Tell me about him/her

Is she/he attracted to me
Are they interested in me
Is he/she single
Will they contact me
Are we compatible
Is this the one
Your Specific Question(s) - Crush

Relationship Advice.

Assessing Current Partnership
If you're in a relationship and want to get a deeper understanding of how it's going right now, this spread addresses many of the questions you might have.
What is the state of our relationship right now? What am I bringing to the relationship?What are they bringing to the relationship? What is our potential together as partners? What lessons am I learning through this relationship? What should I pay closer attention to?
what the future look like

Relationship insight.

Current state of affairs
Does my partner still love me
How to improve our union
Future of relationship
Of course, if you're in a relationship, one of the biggest questions you might have is, Where is this going? This five-card spread can give you an indication of what areas within the relationship need a bit more focus, as well as how your partner and you can grow together.
What's the aura around our current relationship?
What are areas that need more attention?
What are areas for growth together?
What should I pay closer attention to?
What is the most likely outcome?

Troubled Relations.

Relationship Repair.

Tarot Readings for Marriage.