Tarot Reading: About Romantic Interest.

Get answers to questions about a crush or romantic interest like - Are we compatible? Are they single? with our tarot spread for Love.

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About My Crush Tarot Readings. 

I want to know about my crush
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Powerful Crush Spread.

Love makes your spirit creep out from behind the walls you've put up. So it's no wonder so many turn to tarot to gain insight when the love bug takes a bite. We provide the answer you need to find out about the person you are interested in with our powerful crush spread.

This is the perfect spread to utilize when deciding whether you should start a relationship with your romantic interest. When it comes to your love life, making a choice to pursue or not can be pretty stressful.

This powerful Tarot Spread for crushes is utilized to provide you with the insight you need to know about that particular person you just can't forget about.

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Tarot and love.

In this crazy world of today, many believe that true love has become something that's only found in fairy tales and fantasy. Some have even concluded that romance and relationships are something that only happens to others.

Yet, in reality, many of my clients have been able to find their soul mates. And now, enjoy the benefits of having a loving partner. Of course, obtaining the guidance of the Great Spirit via tarot cards played an enormous part in uniting them.

Gain the advice, direction, and guidance you need to reveal the hidden truths you should know about and avoid the pitfalls of making choices about your love life in the dark. Order a reading today, so we can help light the way .

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About My Romantic Interest.

It's true; you can utilize the tarot to make your own heartfelt dreams come true. The Great spirit via the cards can help you make better choices by revealing stumbling blocks and or hidden truths about the one you have your eye on.

We can assist you by revealing your options. You can discover whether or not you and your romantic interest are compatible. Learn about their Personality & Personal traits. We get the answers to the most important questions.   

Are they single? Do they have any interest in you? Are you soul mates? Is there anything keeping you apart? Any emotional baggage? Get the answer you need.

We can help you whether you're seeking your soul mate or just want somebody to satisfy your needs for the moment. This tarot reading has it covered.

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About my Crush.

Reveals insight about their personality.

1 card session. $5

Regarding your Romantic Interest.

Reveals insight about their personality, Plus their personal traits.

1 card Plus - $10

3 cards/questions

Reveal info regarding my crush.

Get to the heart of the matter with these 3 questions.

1. About my Crush (Personality & Personal traits)

2. Are they single?

3. Should I pursue?

3 card session - $20

7 cards/questions

The scoop on your treasured one.

Learn what you need to know, How to deal with it & final outcomes.

1. About my Crush (Personality & Personal traits)

2. Are they single?

3. Should I pursue?

4. Advice, Guidance, or Warnings

5. Any interest in me?

6. Are we soul mates?

7. Anything keeping us apart?

7 Card Session - $50

10 cards/questions

All about your romantic interest.

Examine all aspects of a situation, get a piece by piece breakdown.

1. About my Crush (Personality & Personal traits)

2. Are they single?

3. Should I pursue?

4. Advice, Guidance, or Warnings

5. Any interest in me?

6. Are we soul mates?

7. Anything keeping us apart?

8. Any emotional baggage?

9. Do they desire me sexually?

10. Are we compatible?

10 card session - $75

Don't fall for a toad.

When you initially start falling for someone, everything is new, energizing, and exciting. Both of you put forth an attempt to be appealing to one another. Yet, in no time at all, the newness wears off.

You notice blemishes you hadn't seen previously until you at long last understand that prince charming or the lovely princess is actually the neighborhood tricksters who only wanted one thing. And it wasn't true love that they were after.

However, tragic scenes ending in heartbreak can be avoided. A little insight before rushing into a relationship goes a long way. Getting inside info on someone can keep you from ending up with a toad.

Do you really know your love interest? Its time to find out.

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