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About Lunar Cycles.

If you wish to learn some magickal lunar knowledge, please read on to learn how we harness the power of each lunar phase. It doesn't matter where the earth's moony satellite is in the sky. Still, each phase does possess potent streams of energy that can be used to increase a spell's effectiveness.

Earth's moony satellite experiences 4 main stages. Waxing and waning in its steady metamorphosis from new to full and back once more. Each moony stage corresponds to its own unique manifesting powers. Each holds its own particular ability to sway situations and affect outcomes.
We harness Lunar power with spells & rituals during these phases: Full, First, Last, & New to help you obtain your goals and fulfill your wishes. Moon magick has been used for ages and is a proven way to get the results you desire.

Lunar Spells

The Full Moon.

From the dawn of mankind, man has had a unique relationship with the full moon. A full moon mesmerizes us like nothing else. A Full moon happens every 29.5 days or thereabout. A full moon is one of the most sensational sights in the night sky.

It will continue to inspire writers, artisans, composers, inventors, painters, sweethearts, and spellcasters forever. Poets may look to the full moon for motivation, and researchers will study its exciting impact on our planet's working.

However, spiritualists like us will tap into the unlimited influence and supernatural ability of a full moon to empower your spell and the manifestation process. Wizards love the old saying, The sun heals your body.

The full moon satisfies your spirit & soul. One can never get away from the all-seeing eye of the full moon, for it is linked to the center of our being. Its energy and influence penetrate directly through us and everything material thing here on earth.

We utilize its mystical powers to turn a wish into a reality and make dreams come true.

Full Moon Spells

The New Moon.

Both the Full Moon and the New Moon offer intense energy.

It can manifest your most wanted wishes, eliminate struggles, and improve every aspect of your life. The New Moon is all about fresh starts. It is an ideal opportunity to plant a seed to sustain and satisfy your life needs. It is the perfect time to make your wish, goals, and desires known.

This stage also offers us its manifestation powers to free you from all things negative, such as bad luck or a curse. Purification can be done to eliminate adverse conditions. In most cases, clients who order a spell during this phase often obtain results before the cycle renews.

New Moon Spells