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Moonlit Spells.

Spells are cast during the New moon, Full moon, plus the First & Last Quarter lunar phases. We work with the 4 most potent Lunar phases. The initial Spellcasting is done within 24 hours of order. Then, followed by the main casting during the lunar cycle you select when you are ordering.

Our spells are Powerful and Effective. We get results when others can't!  We take the act of calling upon Supernatural powers and spell casting very seriously. This is our way of life. It's not a hobby for us. Spellcasting is the only thing we do!

Magic by Moonlight.

One of the best times to have us cast a spell for you is when the nightly orb appears in the darkened skies. Thus, we cast spells during the Full, New, First & Last Quarter lunar phases. The two most powerful Lunar phases are the Full Moon & the New Moon.

Did you know that the majestic orb of night controls the tides and affects everybody of water? And just in case you didn't know, the human bodyconsists of up to 60 percent water (the cerebrum and heart have about 73%).

In addition to its effect on bodies of water, Each lunar cycle is related to and produces a powerful energy stream that influences everything hereon planet earth. It's why Spell-work is super potent when performed during these power cycles: New, Full, First & Last Quarter.

We offer a wide variety of spells to be cast on a moony night. For example, attract Soul Mate, an Enchant to attract True love. Attract Wealth by conjuring up Money. Put a Curse Hex or Jinx on someone. Invoke Good Luck & Favor to win the lottery, win at bingo or at the dog track, win at the casino.

Get Justice if you need help beating a Court Case. Repair Relationship or Return a Lost Lover. Break a Curse that someone has placed on you with a Curse Removal. Get Out of Debt with a Debt Relief Incantation. Remove Toxic Person with a Get Rid Of Rival Spell.

We cast Full Moon Spells, New Moon Spells & Spells for the First & Last lunar quarters. Every month energy levels rise and fall just like the orb of the night does; it's what encourages you to begin new undertakings and on other occasions inspires you to calm down and relax.

A Moon's energy can cause one person to be relentless or constructive. And another person to be wild and a bit crazy. We can utilize its energy to work for you rather than against you. Every lunar cycle is associated with and emits a mighty energy stream that directly affects everything on planet earth.

We cast the most effective spells by using sacred Rituals that tap directly into the robust lunar energy flows. There are eight lunar phases, but we use the four most powerful ones: Full Moon, New Moon, along with the First & Last quarters. The energy flows are off the chart during these 4 stages.

You may not be aware of this, but Every single thing is energy. The water in the sea and the up high clouds. The trees and the creatures. Your emotions, feelings, and your thoughts. Cash and material things. Me, you, and this world we live in is made of energy. Also, energy can be utilized to impact everything and everybody on this planet.

Modern science is just now discovering what Esoteric knowledge has taught for ages. Everything comes from energy and, at some point, will return to it. It is the source of all life and therefore shapes life itself.


Energy is the hidden force that is moving the universe surrounding us. It moves through you, me, the dog, the buildings, money-everything. Everything is made of energy, and this vital force is what gives everything its form. Energy is a vital force; it provides all with the power to live or grow.

This elemental force creates, maintains, and shapes our reality and every single thing in it. Spell-casting is nothing more than the ability to channel this vital life force. However, just being a Spell-caster is not enough to direct the necessary power needed to change things or produce tangible results. We have found spellcasting works best when the spellcaster is also an energy channeler. Which I am.

For example, we are reiki masters. Reiki at its base is all about healing, bending, mending, and shaping, and it goes far beyond that. As we venture through life, our ways are underwritten by the vital life force, guides, heavenly messengers, divine spirits, and other mystical sources.

Channeling is one method to connect with those elements surrounding us, and Reiki is the best practice for channeling. Spell-casting rituals can be considered a Reiki session. The practitioner transmits Universal Life power to the client or the client's target or end goal.

Properly timing Spell-casting rituals allow us to use our lunar satellite's energy to dramatically empower our Spells. This makes them super effective for you. And as I said earlier, the best lunar cycles are when the night's orb is Full, New, along with the First & Last quarters.