Revenge spells. Grim reaper pointing, ready to unleash the wrath of God upon whoever wronged you. Spells for revenge.

Vengeance via powerful Revenge Spells.

Revenge is a divine right; wrongs are avenged here. Yet, the sacred word says: Do not avenge yourself; instead, let the God of gods unleash his wrath for you. And that is precisely what will happen when you order a revenge spell for us. We are in covenant with God Almighty. Thus we can invoke the wrath of God for you. Get Revenge on someone without any negative blowback on you.

List of Revenge Spells

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Revenge, Payback, Reprisal, And Retribution.

Safely dish out some well-deserved payback on your target. It's your divine right. In addition, you deserve justice. So go ahead and let go of your vindictive urges. Indeed, embrace this power to Right the wrongs, get back at, and settle the score. These retribution spells are karma-friendly. Therefore, No backfires, bounce backs, or harm for you or your loved ones.

If you feel wronged, for whatever reason, do not try to handle this physically or personally. Avoid the troubles that could happen from personal involvement. There is no need to get your hands dirty. In fact, spiritual law says not to take action yourself. Else you put yourself in jeopardy. Remove all the risks by allowing us to avenge the issue by invoking higher powers. Thus, the Great Spirit will take care of this matter for you. Moreover, with no harm, backfires, or bad karma for you.

There are a million reasons why people use this service. What may seem petty to some folks could majorly upset someone else. Accordingly, the degree of provocation is only subject to the individual. We are in no position to judge. That's not our call to make. Our only mission is to help those who feel wronged for whatever reason and to set it right.

List of Revenge Spells

If someone has done you wrong: Spirit retaliation.

Whether you're looking to Destroy someone, inspire jealousy in your ex, metaphysically kick a competitor to the curb, or spiritually chastise a co-worker who stole your thunder. Perhaps it's to come back at a reckless driver that cut you off. Even the score with a hairstylist who ruined your hairdo. Get back at a tyrannical or slave-driving boss who won't give raises or approve vacation days. As well as Issuing a Payback to the witch that cursed or released evil entities into your life. The grievance list is never-ending. Nevertheless, whatever the provocation, order our service to unleash the wrath of God upon your target.   

Don't get involved in a tit-for-tat situation. For this reason, allow the Great Spirit to dish out the retaliation. It's the perfect resolution to redress life's symmetry and restore your serenity by getting the sweet revenge desired. Again, no judgment here, just the help you deserve.

If you hunger for retribution, one of these spells is specifically for you. Whoever caused your duress will have hell to pay after the ritual summoning and casting of the spell. Don't rely on karma. She doesn't always dish out her punishments upon those who deserve it. But if you let us use this spiritual retaliation. In that case, the guilty party will get their just deserts and comeuppance.

Spell list: Revenge

Avenging power to right the wrongs.

Way too often in this life, someone is unfairly afflicted. People take advantage of, use, or mistreat others simply because they can. They often step on the people who seemingly have no way to retaliate or stand up for themselves. And that's where we come in, and we are happy you found us. It's time to level the playing field. You now have friends in high places who have the power to take care of business (and I hope you know what I mean). It's time for that low-life to pay the piper! 


Revenge spells

  • Burn that witch

  • Torment and Trouble
  • Strife and Conflict
  • Stifle and Suppress
  • Despair and Discord 

  • Legal troubles
  • Disliked and Undesirable
  • Troubled Relationships
  • Limp D*ck