The Evil Eye.

The evil eye is a Malediction that has such power that it is can disrupt, stir up troubles and bring about misfortune to the one that it's aimed at. The evil eye is one of the most potent curses to be used on this earth. It manifests into a Malediction that brings peril to the receiver, who shall feel your fury once this hex has been placed upon them.

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Malediction Magic.

Don't overlook what most consider to be the most powerful form of spells and curses: a godlike assault, a powerful petition to cause great trouble and suffering. The Evil Eye or cursing is the best way to settle the score, get even with, right a wrong, deal out justice, and take care of problematic people. No physical harm will come to the target, just calamity.

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Spell to Curse.

When cursed, the target can experience much misfortune. Loss of willpower and ambition, Bad luck,  Bad breath, and body odor. Constant misunderstandings or arguments at work, with family, and in their relationships. Their car, appliances, or equipment keeps breaking down—all sorts of calamity, difficulty, and discomfort.

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