Info needed from you.

Reading provides the best insight
when all info is given & I want to
give you an accurate reading.

When Getting a reading,
please provide all info.

Your full name, Your DOB,
& your specific question.

Please clarify if you
are male or female.

If you're inquiring about someone
else. I'll need their name & sex
- male or female. Birthdates and
pictures are optional.

Also if asking about someone else,
Please state your relationship
with or to them clearly.

Is this a romantic, personal,
business, family relationship,
or a rival? Are you interested,
involved, together, broke up,
or don't like this person.

If asking about love or romance,
be specific about your own
relationship status.

Are you single or married?
In a romantic relationship?
Are you currently single but
interested in this person?
Are you single seeking
a soulmate? etc.

Most importantly.
I need your specific question(s).
Please only ask 1 question
per card.
Background story. (optional)
Please keep your back story
short and sweet.

Spreads can be modified
to fit your situation.

If you select a specific
tarot spread, you can replace any
or all questions of that spread
with your own. Just include your
questions and let us know what
spread questions to replace when
sending us your info.

Email us your info
after placing your order!

If you have any questions,

please email us

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