Your consciousness is part of the global consciousness field.

Scientist have been testing out the idea of global consciousness and its power to alter or create things for years.

Scientists are looking into the correlation between peoples intentions, emotions and thoughts all around the world.

The purpose is to examine the activity of consciousness in the world and the results it can produce.

They have recorded correlations when global events occur like the funeral of Princess Diana and 9-11. Both these events made a profound impact in their study.

For 9-11 they got a significant reading BEFORE the event occurred indicating that the people around the world collectively "knew" that this was somehow going to happen.

This shows that the way we think is really important since it will start a chain of reactions - ripples in this "universal ocean of energy" which we are all part of.

This confirms that when people focus their thoughts on a particular things, it can produce real results in our world

Our ancestors were well aware of this knowledge eons ago, and have handed it down to us via the elders, so that we can use it today

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